Servo Brackets

Inspired by Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set, I've designed an aluminum bracket to hold a servo. Besides Lynxmotion there are some other suppliers for such brackets, but I've tried to build them by myself just to see how much effort is needed and to be flexible to adapt them to my robots.

The first step was to design the bracket shape in CAD. The flatten technical drawing shows where to cut, drill and bend the aluminum sheet.

bracket3.jpg bracket4.jpg

To get the drawing onto the aluminum sheet I've used the ironing method. Therefor you have to print the drawing with an laser printer on a very glazed paper like those of an catalog. Then you rough up the aluminum surface a little bit with very fine sandpaper. Now you can iron the drawing onto it.


The printed metal sheet was easy to cut and drill. For the bending job I've used a bending tool from Westfalia. Unfortunately they don't stock it anymore.

bracket.jpg bracket2.jpg

To mount the lower part of the bow I've used a small ball bearing.

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